Monumental Design Studio helps you visualize your home renovation before you decide on the permanent construction. We offer realistic renderings, walk through videos, personalized perspective views and detailed measurements to facilitate speedy construction. We focus on a wide range of fields: architecture, landscape and interior design. We communicate that information to the construction workers and oversee the entire project until our clients are completely satisfied. It is important to help our clients visualize their final product and communicate their desires right from the beginning of a project. Usually non-architects find it difficult to express what they want as they look at 2D plans to remodel their homes. Luckily we make it easy for them to grasp their ideas with one-on-one counseling, making the process as pleasurable as possible.

Even if you don’t want to build anything but you are curious about what it would look like in real life, to scale and from individual perspectives it’s still very inexpensive and fun to see. Many times married couples have disagreements about the future of their home remodeling. In many cases it not only allows you to agree on which is better but it is also possible to show a mixed compromise that will make everyone happy.

Send us an Email at Cambou@gmail.com or give us a call at (512)415-6299.

Thank You,

Felix Cambou (President)

Monumental Design Studio LLC




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